Part 2: The Fall (Genesis 3-11)



We have seen how God originally intended for us to be in his image in his likeness and goodness. We have seen that when the world was created, God said that it was very good. So, what happened? We look at the world around us and there is disease, war and greed. Looking around at the world we’re in there is still good in this world, but it seems distorted. So how did it get to this? Well the short answer is we broke it.

Did he really say that?

The problem started, as so many problems do, with a conversation. The crafty snake slithers in and just places a seed of doubt in the mind of Eve. “Did God really say that?” he’s starting to get a sow a bit of doubt into the idea that God is our provider. What’s he trying to sow though? “Does God really have your best in mind?”, “Is he really your provider?”, “Surely just a little bit of apple will be ok?” In the end, Eve sins because the serpent has managed to play a narrative that says God is holding back from her, it says that God is not a trustworthy God. Her sin was not rooted in her eating the apple but in her not trusting God as her sole provider. She wants God yes, but also something else on the side, a little bit of life that’s just hers.

I wonder how that narrative translates to us. Is God’s standard really that high? Surely just a little bit of sin is allowed? Am I really not allowed to do that bit of sin? I wonder what compromises we allow in our lives as a result.

It is written

Notice how instead of standing on what God has said, she tries to argue back by editing what God has told her

‘you must not eat it or even touch it: if you do, you will die’

Now God said not to eat the apple yes, but touching the tree? That was something that Eve had made up and added. Instead of trusting on what God had said, she felt that she needed to add a little bit herself. Now when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, he also used what God had already said:

‘it is written’

The difference is that Jesus stated what was written, what God had said. He didn’t try and add his own spin on it he just trusted on what God had said. The same applies for us, when asked ‘Did God really say…?” we can stand on scripture alone and say what is written, what God has already said.

The Apple Looked appetising

Sin is appetising, sin is fun temporarily. If it weren’t this case sin would not be a problem as we wouldn’t want to do it. However, sin leads to death in the end, sin leads to us harming our relationship with God. It’s easy for us to look at something because it looks fun or nice and then sin as a result because we don’t necessarily understand the full consequences. And because we don’t understand the consequences we go ahead and sin, forgetting that we are not God. The thing is, sin isn’t bad because it’s forbidden but is forbidden because it is so bad. Sometimes we don’t fully understand what our sin will do, but we still must trust God and what he says at the end of the day as he is a loving father who knows best.

Our Broken Mandate

As a result of eating the fruit, our original mandate was broken. We no longer had the authority that we were intended for. It is only, and I really mean only, as a result of Jesus that we are restored to what we were meant for. It is only due to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that we are righteous.

Where are you?

We have a God who want relationship with us, we have a God who walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden. Notice how his first question is not ‘what have you done?’ it’s ‘where are you?’ there are many times when I have sinned and feel like I have to run as a result. I forget that in reality God doesn’t see me for our sin but as his child. I forget to run to God because somehow, I’ve messed up badly, I’ve messed up in a way that means that I have to have a cooling off period until I can see God again, forgetting that his death on the cross means that it’s already dealt with.


“He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel”

Adam and Eve have just messed up, they have just broken God’s command and he is already prophesying about their redemption. They’ve just messed up and he has a plan for them. They’re there in their sin and it’s God coming down into creation and dealing with the problems that we ourselves have created.