International Students

Hello, नमस्ते, Ciao, Hallo, Olá, Hola, สวัสดี, Cześć,你好, Bonjour, السلام عليكم

Hello and welcome to all International Students! Congratulations on starting your adventures here in the UK, we hope you are enjoying discovering a new part of the world, and are excited to see what God will do with you here.

You are very welcome here at Holy Trinity, and we would love to see you at our student events and socials, such as discipleship groups, worship nights, pudding parties, and pub quizzes.

There are also a couple of things that you can get involved with that are especially for international students:

Globe Café runs on Monday nights at 7.30pm at Trinity Hall, just down the road from Holy Trinity. This is a space for you to be able to meet other international students, enjoy food together and also practice your English.

The HTL Student Buddy System is a tool for you to feel as at home as possible with us. If you would be interested in having someone to welcome you to Holy Trinity, to meet up with you occasionally, and be on hand to answer your questions, then send e-mail to We will then connect you with one of our UK students, who will be more than happy to be a support to you.

Enjoy your time in Leicester, and if there is anything else you think we could help with, please let us know!